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Dear Friends, 

It is a great pleasure for me to have such a beautiful art exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of DPR Korea in the capital city of Federal Republic of Germany with the expectations of greatness and recognition from numerous political and social figures, and many artists and art lovers.  

I would like to first express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of D. P. R. Korea to Mr. Christian Kirsch, Secretary General of International Delphic Council, and Mr. Choi Sang Kyun who is the curator of Gallery Pyongyang, both of whom through their unyielding efforts made this exhibition a reality. 

Sep 9th, 2008 is a day with great meaning to all Koreans.  It is the day which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the founding of D. P. R. Korea. On the very same day 60 years ago after long and arduous struggle against Japanese imperialists, our great leader, comrade Kim Il Sung, who is the eternal president for all our people founded a new nation which has its people as its master. From that day forth, our people have enjoyed the genuine freedom and happiness our motherland wields as the glorious country of Juche in the world.  

Today under the wise leadership of the great leader, comrade Kim Jong Il, our people have made leaps in various fields including politics, economy and culture and has been advancing vigorously, following the banner of Songun. 

It is such a great pleasure for the Ministry of Culture, D. P. R. Korea to have an art exhibition held for the first time in Europe, I therefore sincerely wish for the great success of this exhibition. 

We exhibit more than 140 pieces of excellent art works by outstanding artists including laureates of the Kim Il Sung Prize, People's Artists and Merited artists all of whom which makes evident the flourishing of Juche art under the wise leadership of our great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.  

Within the exhibition you will be able to find the features of our peoples' and our children's happy life in the heart of D. P. R. Korea. Beautiful landscapes, rich history and culture, the elegant customs of the people and the long-cherished desire for the unification of our people can also be seen through the works of the exhibition. Simultaneously you will be equipped with a deeper understanding about the characteristics and uniqueness of Korean paintings. 

I am confident that the exhibition "Art from Pyongyang, Korea" to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of D. P. R. Korea will be a great success, and that it will be a contribution to increasing the friendship and cultural exchanges between D. P. R. Korea and Germany. 

Thank you. 

Kang, Nung Su, Minister of Culture, D. P. R. Korea


Hello, everyone! 

Welcome to Gallery Pyongyang! 

I am originally from the City of Daejon, which is located in the Southern part of Korean Peninsula. I visited Pyongyang to participate in the Unification Festival held in 1990. It was there that I was first introduced to Korean Paintings. It has been my passion from that moment on. 

I was enchanted by the straight and beautiful use of colors and by the delicate brush strokes which at times are like a spring breeze and then at other times like a thunderstorm.

I could see that the tradition of Korean Painting had been well preserved and developed, while paintings with socialistic themes embodied the energy which made it possible to keep the pride and dignity of Korea. 

It is such a great joy for myself as a Korean who lives abroad, that I can serve my Motherland as the curator of the exhibition Art from Pyongyang, Korea, which is the first fine art exhibition premiered in Europe by the Ministry of Culture, D. P. R. Korea. 

This may be a small step towards the Unification of Korea but we will persist.   


Samson Sangkyun Choi,  


Curator of Gallery Pyongyang and the representative of the Ministry of Culture, D. P. R. Korea