JONG, CHANG MO - 효원 정창모


  • Born in Jeonju, N. Cholla Province
  • Graduated College of Fine Arts, Pyongyang National University and served as Prof. of the said school
  • Studied under Maestro Ri Sok Ho
  • Known for his landscapes, flowers and birds painting, using technique of “Molgol” which describes objects without outlines but only with Korean ink and colors
  • More than 100 of his works are appointed as the National Treasure and being kept at the National Museum of Arts
  • Awarded Gold Medal and get an International fame for his “Winter at Southern River” from the 5th Beijing International Art Exhibition in 2005
  • Pen Name, “Hyowon or Waiting for Dawn”

  • 평양 미술대학교 졸업
  • 평양미술대학 졸업
  • 일관 리석호의 제자
  • 조선 몰골화 기법의 대가로서 뛰어난 산수와 화조를 표현
  • 100여점 이상이 국보로 지정되어 현재 조선 미술사 박물관에 보관중임
  • 2005년 제5회 베이징 국제 미술전에서그의 작품 <남강의 겨울>이 금상을 수상 함으로 세계적인 명성을 떨침

People’s Artist since 1989
Korean painting
인민예술가 since 1989