KIM, SONG MIN - 김 성민


  • Born in 1949, Pyongyang
  • Graduated College of Fine Arts, Pyongyang National University
  • Awarded Gold Medal at the National Art Exhibition in 1986 with his work, ” Furnace laborers”
  • Known for his excellent paintings of traditional dances such as “Dance with sword” and “Dance with Jang-go or Korean Drum” in addition to works with socialistic revolutionary themes
  • Composition of his pictures are rythemic and harmonious with vibrant brush stroke and strong color use
  • Presently serving as the Vice President of the Mansudae Creative artists Group, Chairperson of Korean Central alliance of Artists and Chairman of the Ethnic Arts Dept. of Int’l association of Formative arts 

  • 1949년 평양 출생
  • 평양 미술대학교 졸업
  • 1986년 “용해공들”로 국전에서금상수상
  • 사회주의 혁명 주제화와 “칼춤”, “장고춤”등 우리나라 민속을 주제 로한 뛰어난 작품들로 유명함
  • 리듬감이 넘치고 힘찬 붓질과 강렬한 색감이 조화된 화법을 구사
  • 현재 만수대 창작사 부사장이며선 미술가동맹 위원장, 국제 구상미술협회 민족미술분과 위원장임

People’s Artist 
Laureate of Kim Il Sung Prix
Hero of D. P. R. Korea
Korean painting
김일성상 계관화가
조선민주주의 인민공화국 노력영웅